Food and crew were GREAT! Biking was disappointing and dangerous!

13 Aug 2017

Patricia Weiss

We recently took a bike n boat tour from Venice to Mantova. The crew was a delight, the food was excellent and the accommodations were clean. BIKING was NOT good! The biking was another matter all together. While the bikes were in great condition,this is not a trip for anyone who wants to bike at least 40-50 miles/day and get some exercise while seeing the country. The first problem we encountered was the lack of bike etiquette with the other guests. Eurosail SHOULD gather everyone the 1st evening and review this simply for safety. I believe there were guests on this trip that hadn’t biked since they were twelve. WE had a big family from Indiana on the trip that was completely oblivious to bike etiquette. The teenagers swerved in and out of bikers whenever they felt like it. They were bored with the biking and it showed. Passing on the left was totally an anomaly. It was quite dangerous. WE had a delightful 82 year old and his wife as well as a 76 year old grandma using electric bikes that they had difficulty handling due to the weight of the bike. I watched the 76 year old topple over several times causing several of us to nearly miss her. I was envisioning several fractures that could have happened. There were 2 leaders one of which had no idea about communication when leading a large group. She would just stop never once letting anyone know she was slowing or stopping. No verbal communication at all. We decided after the first day that in order to get additional mileage in as well as avoid the dangerous bikers we would go out on our own. We discovered that the additional mileage in the maps was not correct and the leaders did not have a true sense of how long each route would take. This caused us angst as we had to meet the boat at a certain time or it just left This did not allow us to pick up extra mileage. If you enjoy following a leader at less that 10 mph and don’t mind possibly crashing into a biker that cannot handle their bike, then this trip is for you. Like I said in the beginning-the food was excellent, the crew were hard working and delightful and the boat was great. Eurosail really needs to address the biking portion of this tour. Also, I would like to have know there were going to be kids on this trip and perhaps choose and adult only bike n boat.