9 Aug 2021


I had a great time on the cruise. The crew was excellent. Hilda, Yohanis as Tessa clearly exceptional. I did have issues with the office Staff. I was coming from CA and had to get Covid tested before I reentered the United States. I contacted Josie a couple of times who works in the front office. Covid testing was supposed to take place on board the boat but a few days before the cruise it was cancelled. I asked Jossie how can I get covid tested before a flight which was the morning after. Jossie did not offer anything affirmative and did not reach out to the crew while I was in the US. It was my suggestion I get tested in Gent and jossie sent me a link to a website in a foreign language. I asked myself, how would I be able to get there? What time should I book my appointment? Is it going to be anywhere near the bike tour? I had no choice but to cancel my flight returning to the USA and book another 24 hours later and spend a night at a Brussels Hotel at my expense. I lost a day at work and my new last minute flight had 2 layovers one 9, hours (Phoenix) and one 7 hours in (Newark). This was not necessary since the crew new how to handle it. Clearly there was poor communication between the office in the crew. One person in this company dropped the ball and I paid the price.