8 Aug 2017


Time alone- the tour guide monopolized all our free time, so we didn’t have time to relax after the bike ride, before dinner and after dinner. After the tour, we should have been able to have some time with our spouses and to rest and read. The most we had was 15 min and then it was on to something else. He spent a lot of time recapping the ride etc. There should have been an option, to meet in the dining room if you wanted to recap the ride. He did it on the deck. There were only two public places, Deck and dining room and if its nice out the deck was the place to be. He interrupted during dinner, (again captive audience) which I find the best time to chat and get to know others is during and the time after dinner, when everyone is fed, good drinks etc. Dog on board-this should have been very CLEAR and if I would have known it, I wouldn’t have booked. The captain was inconsiderate of keeping his dog contained. I voiced my feeling right away and he said you will get used to him as hes a good dog. However, I have been bit twice by good dogs. The first mate however, did all he could to shoo him away. I spent my whole trip watching to see where the dog was and going someplace else. If I was on the deck first and he came, I put my feet up so he couldn’t get me, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Time on tour- tour guide talked too much at each site and it seemed like he was stalling for time so we didn’t get back earlier than the other slow group. Biking by ourselves with others- I checked before hand if we could bike by ourselves in a small group. My husband and I have been to 6 countries that we mapped our bike rides ourselves. I also told the tour guide this when he complained. I also said its easier here than anywhere. You have the spires for towns, we had a gps and a regular map. It was bike by number in the Netherlands and Belgium, easiest we ever had. He then was reluctant to let us know if he was taking an alternate route to see something else. I think we still paid for a tour guide, even if we only went with him sometimes, but it didn’t feel like we were a customer at all. Food – good- the chef did an excellent job of cooking interesting meals. Barge- good – no airconditioning and I think next time I would choose a boat with that option. Otherwise, everything as expected. Captain- He did a good job navigating, but no consideration about the dog. I would not sail with him again. First mate- excellent. He did everything in his power to make your trip enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone. If this is what to expect on a tour, I won’t be on a bike and barge again. I thought we would ride to catch up with our barge. Start early, be back by 2 0r 3ish to enjoy some time alone, and to see the city. I would have liked to eat dinner in most towns instead of on the boat. More time to enjoy the place and free time for ourselves after the ride. Thank you